To Tweet, Or Not To Tweet?

I opened a Twitter account a while back and immediately discovered I had nothing to tweet. Then, I got a Nike+ shoe sensor, which could automatically tweet the stats of my daily trail runs. Even though no one else would care, it was a nice incentive for me to keep up the exercise and even push to improve. Plus, by posting my stats to the twit-o-verse, it somehow freed me from the vacuum of running alone. But you can barely call that tweeting, so I turned it off to spare my followers.

Recently, though, I thought about my exercise tweets and how I could apply the same idea to my writing. By quickly posting a steady stream of short poems and mini-stories, without too much over-thinking or editing, it could prove to be a helpful exercise in keeping the creative muscles flexing. Or, it could prove to be a steady stream of junk. Let's face it, some of it will be. But, these tweets are not about quality or quantity. For me, it will be a way to keep writing between manuscripts, to explore ideas, to experiment with styles, to improve, and perhaps free me from the vacuum of writing alone. The performer in me needs an audience, I suppose. So, you consider them word doodles (woodles?), and I'll consider them another reason to put fingers to keys. Let's see if it works...