Picture Book Marathon: Day 1

Today marks the first day of the 2011 Picture Book Marathon. Write 26 picture books in the month of February--basically one a day. After coming up with plenty of excuses NOT to sign up (like, this idea is totally insane), I decided to just go for it and do my best. I'd already been keeping a file of ideas, so over the weekend (while flying 6 hours each way to New York and back) I brainstormed nearly 100 story concepts. Then, I picked my top 26 and popped them into a daily calendar. My goal is at a minimum to complete an outline, bonus points if I write a detailed scene-by-scene summary, while striving for a complete--possibly very rough--first draft each day. Wish me luck, and pass the Gatorade. I'm feeling winded already... Learn more about the marathon here.