Picture Book Marathon: Day 21

Comin' round the bend, and I can see the home stretch now. What a month this has been so far. Much of the twenty-one stories I've worked on is a blur, so I'm excited to go back after the marathon and get re-energized to take these manuscripts to the next level. I've rarely ever worked on more than one or two projects at the same time. I typically hold myself to finish at least a complete first draft of a story before allowing myself to jump into something new. I suppose the worry was that I'd wind up with a lot of half-finished books. Over the past two years, I've written around twenty picture book manuscripts. Thanks to the marathon, I'm more than doubling the size of my portfolio--in a span of two or three months if all goes to plan. I'm not sure how I'll strategically approach the next leg of my "triathlon", but I'm feeling pumped and ready to go for it. Five more miles! Oof! Side cramp!