MeeGenius? MeeHopeSo.

The presidential elections are still a year away. But if you've got a hankering to do some voting now, then here's your chance, baby! VOTE FOR MEE!

The folks over at MeeGenius (the hottest kids' ebook publisher on the World Wide Web) are hosting their second annual Author Challenge. Grand prize is $1500, a publishing contract resulting in the winning manuscript being made into an awesome, illustrated ebook, and free access to the MeeGenius library for a year to the school of the winner's choice.

Just over 400 submissions were made back in October, including my manuscript, E is for Apple. Tired of the same old ABC books? The way I see it, the first letters of words have been stealing the show for far too long. E is for Apple celebrates the LAST letters of words through fun rhymes and unexpected subjects. Observe:

Tuba and Scuba end with A.
Crab and Cobweb end with B.
C is for Static. D is for Toad.
E is for Apple and Pie a la Mode.

STARTING TODAY! NOVEMBER 28 THROUGH DECEMBER 18, head on over to www.meegenius.com/challenge/e-is-for-apple-by-tim-mccanna to read E is for Apple and all the others. Winners are chosen by a public vote (This means you!), and the MeeGenius gang will also push through some of their preferred picks. Remember, you don't have to vote for mine (please vote for mine). What's most important is that you get out and vote (for mine, please).

Thanks for your support!
Tell your family and friends!