PiBoIdMo Day 21: Shooting for 100

I just wrote down my 75th idea to kick off the final week of PiBoIdMo. It's a shame my family isn't flying anywhere for Thanksgiving this year. I always seem to brainstorm well on airplanes. I don't know why. Anyway, between now and the end of November, I'm shooting for 100 ideas. Twenty-five has been my 3-week average, so it seems pretty doable.

Then the tough part begins. Weeding out the weaklings and picking my favorites. They can't ALL be book-worthy... Can they? The sad truth is, the odds of these 100 little ideas becoming published books are seriously against them. Like the process of natural selection, the strongest of the ideas will survive. And, even if they get past my filtering system and eventually evolve into manuscripts, they'll still have a lot of challenges to face out there in Submission Land. Yet, I am hopeful for all my PiBoIdMo ideas. I like them all! I wouldn't write them down if I didn't. So, here's to 100 ideas. And maybe, just maybe, ONE of them will conquer the elements and some day become a real live book.