12x12in'12: February Update

Despite a couple of sick kids and some time-consuming volunteer duties for my SCBWI chapter's regional conference, I was able to squeak out 4 more first drafts in February, bringing my current total to EIGHT! I may have to reconsider the title of one of my January manuscripts (see my previous post, Lessons Learned at Asilomar), but thanks to 12x12, I've got a steadily increasing supply of new drafts to keep me charged and motivated.

While I was concentrating on laying out the event program and signage for the conference, I subconsciously tuned out of my social media circuits for a couple days--and paid the price. Julie at 12x12 announced a great opportunity to submit a tweet-length story pitch to freelance editor, Tamson Weston, with the chance of winning a free critique. I totally missed it. Never saw it until the finalists were announced. D'oh! It just goes to show that there's so much going on in social media, that if you even blink you're bound to miss something. Ah well. You can't win them all. But it's another good reminder that--if you WANT to keep up with all the blogs and tweets and postings and contests and kidlit chats and podcasts and Youtube videos and emails and Facebook walls and LinkedIn announcements and newsletters--you may want to hire a personal assistant.