12x12in'12: March Update

Sheesh, that was brutal. Why March was so much more difficult than January or February is beyond me. It'll be interesting to see if months like this come in waves or just hit whenever. I won't make excuses. But I will acknowledge that as a writer sometimes you feel it and sometimes you don't. Usually when I'm not "feeling it" I take a break and wait it out. After all, I initially racked up 8 drafts in 8 weeks, so maybe my brain just needed to cool off. But I made the 12x12 commitment, so I wasn't letting March go by without a completed draft. I started work on four different PiBoIdMo story ideas this month--and stopped midway on each--before I finally landed on a fifth story idea (on March 30th!) that actually felt good and I smashed it out in a single sitting. So it begs the question, what was it about those first four stories that wasn't working? Or was it me? Was life blocking my creative process? Or were the story ideas faulty? Maybe I needed the impending deadline. You know what? It doesn't matter. The key is to not let stretches of uninspired writing get you down. You take a break, work on submissions or blog posts or networking or polishing a 2nd draft of a different story for a while and then come back to it. But what I love about 12x12 is that it's making me work! It's pushing me to experiment with way more story ideas than I did last year, and it's that little nudge that I need to say, "Hey, don't let a month go by without finishing something you started." So there, 12x12. Count me down for ONE hard earned complete draft bringing me up to NINE for 2012. But I want a little bonus for all those half-drafts. That work's gotta count for something, so I'm taking 3/4 credit.