Brain Burps... The Song I Had to Write

Shortly after the 12x12in'12 challenge began, Julie Hedlund was interviewed on author Katie Davis' kidlit podcast, "Brain Burps About Books." I'd never subscribed to podcasts before, but I was curious to hear the interview, so I checked it out. What I quickly discovered is that Katie Davis is doing an incredible service to help the kidlit industry, and it's free to all of us. She's produced nearly 100 podcasts, and each one is roughly an hour long. There are quick tips and reviews, but the bulk of the show is interviews with industry professionals. Writers, illustrators, editors, poets, booksellers, teachers, representatives from organizations like RIF and the Children's Book Council, the list goes on and on. It's like having a never-ending SCBWI conference in your back pocket. Seriously, if you're a part of the kidlit industry, you gotta follow Brain Burps because there is something to learn in EVERY episode.

So, clearly I'm a fan. But beyond the astounding amount of information, I was just so impressed with how Katie has dedicated herself to producing this podcast. It is a TON of work, and you can listen to all of it for free. And for a mere $1.99 you can download the Brain Burps app to your iPhone, which makes selecting from the catalog of podcasts really easy. Listen to me. I sound like a QVC pitch man.

Well, so that got me thinking. Knowing Katie was coming up on her 100th episode, I was going to just send a simple congratulatory email thanking her for her work, when a couple weeks ago, a tune popped into my head with the words, "Brain Burps! Brain Burps! Brain Burps About Books!" I picked up my uke and within about 3 minutes I had a bouncy little jingle written about the podcast. Nate heard me singing it, and he started singing it around the house, too. That clinched it. I knew I had to record the song on GarageBand and send it to Katie. How could I not? How could I just let it go? When creativity strikes, even in it's oddest forms, I believe you have to snatch it up and run with it.

It's not the first time this has happened to me, actually. I've written a song about Shiner Bock, my favorite beer, I wrote a song about Western Union when I worked on that account at an ad agency in Denver, and I recently wrote a song about my daughter's preschool. I don't know, I guess when something becomes a part of my inner consciousness, it brings out the musician in me.

Katie's big on reciprocity. Helping others and giving to the community. Since she's giving so much, I gave her a little song, just for fun. My way of saying congrats and thanks. I didn't quite know what kind of response to expect (It's a pretty silly song!) but she really loved it and was gracious enough to feature it at the top of her latest podcast. Go check it out at http://katiedavis.com/marissa-moss/ and while you're at it, think about your own unique talents and how you might say thanks to someone for all that they do.