12x12 in '12: July Update

July was the Month of Multi-Tasking. That sounds better than "the month of no particular focus", right? Yes, I got a picture book draft roughed out. It's, you know... rough. But I also took July to follow up on a few other to-do's that had been hanging on the list for a while.

July marked a new batch of submissions, both emaily and snail maily, which meant sharing round after round of picture book rewrites with my crit group and crafting a few cover letters. Always exciting and hope-filled work. I also managed some exploration into a middle-grade novel idea that's been rattling around my brain for a while. My first ever! Like my kids at the local pool this summer, I tightened my goggles and ventured out of the 3-foot waters and into the deep end. I gotta say, it's pretty exciting in the deep end. But it also requires a whole new set of skills to stay afloat. We'll see if this story holds up. I might need someone to throw me a pair of water wings.

July with the kids was great fun. But every day was different. For me, the lack of structure made it tough to build momentum on any one particular project. With kindergarten and 2nd grade just a couple weeks away, I'm looking forward to a more predictable string of quiet mornings in the writing office--right after the morning bell rings.