Submitting Book Apps? There's a Template for That.

Thanks to the iPad and all it's tablet brethren, we live in the Age of Apps. "There's an app for that" is the understatement of the century. There are apps for things we always wanted, apps for things we didn't know we needed, and apps for things that are completely, utterly, maddeningly pointless. Before book apps, writers basically had two choices. You either published your story as a book, or you published your story in a magazine. Now, though, more and more writers are saying, "Hey, this story would work really well as an app." But compared to traditional publishing, the book app industry is still in its infancy. This is an exciting time as interactive media and traditional publishing figure out how to coexist. In the meantime, writers are clamoring to figure out how to crack this storybook app nut.

Julie Hedlund's Template for Storybook App Proposals will get you several steps closer to breaking into the app market. Julie has prepared a highly valuable document for anyone interested in presenting their app proposals in the very best light to prospective book app publishers. No longer can a writer say, "I'd love to submit my story as an app, but I wouldn't know where to begin." Here's your answer: Begin with Julie's Template.

Oh, how I wish I had this document a year ago. I met a book app publisher at an SCBWI conference in 2011 and afterward sent them what I thought was a decent enough submission for an app proposal. I basically made it up as I went. Julie's clear and concise document would have saved me so much time and could have provided the framework for a much stronger proposal. I'm glad I only sent my original proposal to one publisher. With Julie's Template, I hope to rework my app submission and send it to other publishers in the near future.

But who will I submit to next? I'm so glad I asked. Because along with her Template, Julie also provides a BONUS document listing current e-book publishers accepting submissions and providers of app creation tools.

So if you're interested in writing and submitting storybook apps, here's what you do. Zip over to Julie's site and download the Template for Storybook App Proposals. For a limited time, Julie has set the price at $2.99--a total bargain. But hey, if that's still out of your budget, you can score a $1-off discount code from author-illustrator Katie Davis. Check out the show notes from Katie's 107th podcast for the code. While you're at it, be sure to subscribe to Katie's blog, newsletter and/or podcast. Big thanks to Katie and Julie.