What We're Reading: September 2012

This week on the Brain Burps About Books podcast, Julie Falatko reviewed Cecil the Pet Glacier by Matthea Harvey and Giselle Potter, an engrossing and odd little picture book about a girl and her, erm, pet glacier. Julie went on to say how she's particularly drawn to picture books that skew toward the, shall we say, eccentric and weird end of the spectrum. I happen to have the same taste, and am always putting books like Dillweed's Revenge and The Incredible Book Eating Boy in front of my kids.

So when I saw that Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri, the creators of Those Darn Squirrels! (a family favorite), recently published a book titled, Dragons Love Tacos, I immediately grabbed it up for our home library. The title alone makes me happy, and the book does not disappoint. Yes, it is all about how dragons love tacos. Told in an unflinching deadpan style, Dragons Love Tacos is a superb example of how a well-worn subject like dragons can be turned on its ear in a weird and wacky way. Go check it out. Your kids will eat it up.

Speaking of food and quirky books, this month Sophie took a shine to Bake Sale, a funny and foody graphic novel by Sara Varon. The book is set in a world where food items like milk cartons, carrots and strips of bacon walk and talk and live together in harmony. The story centers on a cupcake who runs a bakery and plays in a band with his best friend, an eggplant. Cupcake has been selling pastries at special events to raise enough money for a plane ticket to join Eggplant on a trip to Europe. But when Eggplant loses his job, Cupcake does what he must to help out his friend. The whole tone has a quiet, indie film quality to it and Varon includes recipes for all the treats Cupcake makes in the book. The illustrations are deliciously whimsical and the ending suggests that perhaps Varon will serve up seconds of Bake Sale. Hope so. We're hungry for more.