12x12: The Music Video

Back in June I wrote and recorded a little song to help celebrate the midway point of 12x12 in '12. So, I was thrilled when a few weeks ago, Julie Hedlund asked if I'd write a new jingle for 12x12 to promote the writing challenge in 2013. An assignment! Great! Julie gave me a due date, and then she threw me a curveball. Would I be able to make a video for the song as well? My first thought was: Oh no. That's too hard and I don't have the time. Nice attitude, huh? But once the initial fear of failure wore off, I got to work. After a comically dismal attempt at staring into my iPhone's camera and lip-syncing to the music, I decided the video might work better with moving text and graphics. Unfortunately, there's no "app for that." Perhaps some cheap web-based service could take my lyrics and shuffle them around in a pretty way? Nope. It was up to me. So, with the smattering of experience I had using Adobe Flash, a motion graphics software, I was able to cobble together an "animated" video for the song.

And you know what? I'm really glad Julie asked for the video. I started off completely lost, and ran into some head-bashing technical glitches along the way, yet the whole time I had a blast putting it together. The responses after Julie posted the video on the 12x12 site have been so kind and supportive, and my real hope is that the message of the song might help encourage newcomers to jump into the 12x12 challenge. If 12x12 has taught me anything, it's to trust your instincts and step out of your comfort zone. If you try something new, you might just end up surprising yourself.