12x12 in '12: Final Post!

It's been an extremely productive year and I owe a ton of thanks to Julie and 12x12. What began as a simple way to keep motivated to write evolved into much more. Along the way, I made new friends both online and offline, I found opportunities to integrate music into my work, I contributed to Julie's exciting new storybook app coming out in January, and--oh yeah, managed to write over twenty picture book first drafts.

Writing is hard to do. Writing for children is hard to do. Coming up with story ideas worthy of publishing is hard to do. Submitting to agents and editors is hard and collecting rejection letters is hard, too. This is tough, tough work, and don't let anyone tell you differently. But it's also exciting, rewarding work, and it's downright important. Kids need books. NEED books. And they depend on us to create them. I'm proud to call myself a children's writer, and I'm proud to have been a part of the first year of 12x12. I wish all the best to my fellow writers and hope that 2013 is even more productive for all of us. Keep reading and keep writing!