12x12: Write, Rewrite, Submit, Repeat

Happy New Year everyone. It's January, so I can still say that, right? 2013! Aahhhh… It's still got that new year smell. Anything can and will happen. Without calling them resolutions, I've been mulling over my goals for the next twelve months. What do I want to do with myself? So many dreams, so little time. Eventually I'll get to clearing out the garage. And the soggy pile of boxes by the recycling bin isn't going to break itself down, buddy. Oh, and then there's the little matter of being a children's writer. That means writing needs to happen. Frequently. 

Well, thank goodness for another twelve pack of inspiration and motivation, Julie Hedlund's 12x12: Year Two, The Re-Twelvening. Things have already kicked off with a bang. I got a hugely helpful query critique from Emma Walton Hamilton as part of the many perks for gold level participants. And I'm upping my monthly expectations this year...

Each month in 2013, I solemnly swear to:
1. Write one new manuscript
2. Re-write one old manuscript
3. Submit one polished manuscript to an agent or editor

That's the bare minimum. Seems pretty reasonable. Last year was all about churning out tons of new work. This, year I'm going for a more slow and steady, well-rounded approach. Submitting is my real weak point. I gotta, gotta get more stuff out there and into the slush piles. Mmmmmm… slush piles. Well, as fun as slush piles are, it's nice to know that each month 12x12 gold level participants get to circumnavigate the slush when submitting to that month's featured editor or agent. It's gold, Jerry. Gold.

Good luck to my fellow 12ers, and let the games begin.