A Troop is a Group App Coming Soon!

Get ready for some crazy animal fun, people. Julie Hedlund's storybook app, A Troop is a Group of Monkeys, is coming very soon to the App Store! Stay tuned. The whole shebang has been submitted to Apple for final approval and it could go live at any minute!

It has been such a fun ride for me to be a part of this amazing project, and I can't wait to download the app to my iPad and share it with the kids. It was only mid-September last year that Julie and her publisher at Little Bahalia offered me the opportunity to contribute sounds, narration and music to the Troop app. Five months later we have a vibrant, funny, musical, inspirational, and educational storybook app for kids. That is FAST! So, if only to hear me squeak like a troop of golden lion tamarins or squawk like a pandemonium of parrots, you gotta download this unique interactive experience for the whole family!


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