My Brain Burps Interview With Katie Davis

A snapshot from our Google Hangout interview.
I'm pleased and proud to be able to say that I was the featured guest on this week's episode of Katie Davis's Brain Burps About Books podcast! What an amazing experience that was. For a children's writer, Brain Burps is the kidlit equivalent to the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Truly an honor and a great opportunity.

It was just a little over a year ago that I discovered Katie's podcasts through my participation in the 12x12 writing challenge. Shortly after, I sent her a jingle for her show, which she now uses as her opening theme song. Clearly, I'm a huge fan, so this interview was an absolute thrill.

But it nearly wasn't! Thanks to a clunky wi-fi connection in my office, our video connection on Google Hangout was less than stellar. At the last minute, I grabbed my laptop and microphone, ran into my bedroom, and plugged directly into the cable modem. Problem solved. Of course, I then had to do the entire interview sitting on the edge of my bed, but hey, who's complaining? It worked!

We had a great discussion about songwriting, making videos, and lots more. I even got to answer Katie's famous Last Question, which is: "If you could go to the yard sale of any character in the history of children's literature, whose would you go to, and what would you buy?" To find out my answer, you'll have to listen to the episode, which you can find on Katie's website HERE. (http://katiedavis.com/135/) or on iTunes HERE.