Vidcast #3: Kidlit Trilogies

Hey kidlit people! Vidcast #3 is in the can! Check it out. This episode features great trilogies in kidlit history AND a very special musical guest.

I also want to mention that Katie Davis's Video Idiot Book Camp is now open for business! After taking this fun and helpful course at my own pace, I went from "Meh, I don't have time to make videos and I wouldn't know what to say if I did." to "Wow! I am having a blast! It's way easier than I realized, I actually have something to say, and look at all the views I'm getting!" If you're a writer interested in making web videos, but don't know where to start, VIBC is for YOU. Go check it out RIGHT NOW!

After cranking out three videos in three weeks, I'm going to take a little breather to do some website renovations and get some actual story writing done. (I'm way behind in my 12x12 quota!) But rest assured, there are more vidcasts in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

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