Road Construction Ahead! Teeny Tiny Trucks Takes a Detour!

In children’s publishing, like in all things, you have to keep your eyes on the road. Just because you think you know the direction you’re headed doesn’t mean there won’t be disastrous potholes to avoid or fortunate shortcuts to take. In the case of Teeny Tiny Trucks, the GPS is recalculating and we’re enjoying an unexpected scenic route.

Okay, enough of the driving metaphors. Here’s the scoop. Originally, Little Bahalia Publishing had scheduled Teeny Tiny Trucks to come out in July-ish 2013 as an interactive story app for iPads. The amazing Keith Frawley has been illustrating the book, and until recently I had only seen pencil sketches of a few layouts. Even then I could tell that not only was Keith bringing my manuscript to life in amazing ways that I’d never imagined, but that the look and feel was pitch perfect. I can’t wait for you all to see this book app because every illustration is so delightfully vibrant and entertaining and ideal for interactivity.

But then a couple weeks ago I learned that the Teeny Tiny Trucks app would not be debuting in July. Say whah? Hold on to your hats. Teeny Tiny Trucks is now coming out this Fall... in a simultaneous APP and PRINT release! So what does that mean? Well, right now a printing press in Singapore is working on the physical book edition of Trucks. I’ve seen the full-color finished art with the text and it’s fantastic. Meanwhile, Little Bahalia is developing the app version which will feature interactive elements and a singalong song! If all goes according to plan, both versions will be available for purchase in just a few short months! Honk if you’re happy!!!

So, are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? No, but have another Red Bull and keep your seat belts buckled. Very soon, Teeny Tiny Trucks will be rolling into an App Store… AND a book store near you.