Robots, Robots Everywhere! Trailer

I have the great fortune and total pleasure of being in a critique group with one of today's best rhymers in the picture book industry, Sue Fliess. Sue has been tearing it up recently, selling several rhyming manuscripts over the past couple years with many more on the horizon. Her latest release is a Little Golden Book (yes, they still publish new titles) called Robots, Robots Everywhere! with absolutely wonderful illustrations by the legendary Bob Staake. Watching Robots go from rough manuscript to polished manuscript to sold manuscript to illustrated manuscript to published manuscript was enlightening and inspiring. So, of course, when Sue needed a trailer for the book, I demanded she let me help out. First, Sue created an iMovie file of the images and text in the order she wanted them. Then, with a little GarageBand magic I whipped up some robotty music and narrations. Put it all together, tighten up the editing, and you've got the official book trailer for Robots, Robots Everywhere! My kids love this one. I'll bet yours will too. And at the perfect Little Golden Book price of $4, it's the best deal in town! (Great for stocking stuffers. Hint-hint.) End transmission. Boop.