Special Delivery: Here Come the Trucks!

So, last Friday I had a Google Hangout to discuss marketing strategies with my publisher and illustrator for Teeny Tiny Trucks. (There's so much about that sentence that makes me happy.) And it just so happened that Stacey at Little Bahalia had received that morning a small shipment of advance copies of the book! What a treat it was to glance at each spread and see how beautifully Trucks has turned out. And to share that moment virtually face-to-face with Keith Frawley, our excellent illustrator, was something most writers don't ever get to experience. Quite a day!

I suppose that day could only be topped by the following Tuesday when a thin package arrived in the mail from Little Bahalia containing a copy of my published picture book. It was fairly surreal, actually. And for a short while, I had to convince myself that I had actually written this thing that I held in my hands. For years, the text had only lived in a Word doc. And now, here were the carefully placed stanzas accompanied by darling little truck characters in lush environments interacting with a whole troupe of bugs, birds and a mammals--IN A BOOK.

As I headed out the door to go pick up my kids at school, I carefully slid my single precious copy of Teeny Tiny Trucks into my computer bag and headed off. Before the final bell rang, I snuck into the school library and proudly showed my prize to the librarian, Ms. Mabey. But it wasn't until my children saw the book that it finally dawned on me. "Oh right," I thought. "I wrote this book for kids." I can tell you now there is nothing like watching a child read and explore a book you've written. Nate insisted on sitting down with the book right then and there. "Wow," he said, "It turned out even better than I thought it would." No arguments there.

Now, as I prepare for launch parties, bookstore visits, and library storytime readings, I mostly look forward to sharing Teeny Tiny Trucks with the teeny tiny people it was written for. Oh, and if their parents and grandparents and teachers and friends want to listen and watch along, I suppose that'll be alright, too.