What's Your Picture Book's Origin Story?

Every picture book has its own unique origin story. And Teeny Tiny Trucks, which released simultaneously in October as a book and an app, is no exception. These days the available road maps to publication seem to be increasing rather than decreasing. Case in point: A Troop is a Group of Monkeys author Julie Hedlund is currently championing a hybrid publishing model through a Kickstarter campaign for her picture book My Love For You is the Sun. Meanwhile, Katie Davis is self-publishing and crowd-marketing Little Chicken's Big Christmas, a digital follow-up to her traditionally published picture book, Little Chicken's Big Day. The options are seemingly limitless! Some day we'll all just fire up our pocket 3D printers and zap out picture books using thermoplastic polymers. (Geez, I hope not.) Every book has two stories to tell: the story within it, and the story about it. So what's your favorite picture book? Do you have any idea how it came to be? I'll bet there's an interesting story...

Well, speaking of interesting stories, every month children's writer and blogger Carrie Charley Brown hosts a mystery author spotlight--and this month it was little ol' me! We discuss everything from how music has influenced my writing to the 10-month whirlwind publishing process of TrucksCheck out the interview here.

Oh, and if you didn't know already, November also happens to be Picture Book Month, not to mention one of my favorite annual traditions, Picture Book IDEA Month, also known as PiBoIdMo. So, during this festive time of year when we celebrate picture books in all their multi-colored facets, I'm truly honored (and frankly giddy) to be able to share my own experiences and viewpoints as a newly published children's author. Thanks Carrie!