BITTY BOT's Kirkus Review

BITTY BOT received its first review this week, and it came from Kirkus! I'm happy (and so relieved) that it was resoundingly positive:

"What happens when robots wind down? Do they actually sleep? Yep, they do, according to this charmer with a mechanical twist. Told in jaunty, rollicking rhymes that are enlivened by colorful, humorous digital illustrations, this robot version of a bedtime story demonstrates that, no matter how energetic a little “bot” may be, there inevitably comes a time when batteries are running low!"

"Young techies may or may not want to zoom into bed right after listening, but they’ll be more than a little “bitty” ready for repeat readings."

You can read the entire review, which includes a neat little nod to Star Wars (Woo!) at https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/tim-mccanna/bitty-bot/.